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Dot Con: Out Now

Whip-smart and brilliant. Hysterically Funny! – Harry Hill
A Dave Gorman-esque romp – Time Out
A wicked sense of humor….I laughed my ass off. – New York Times
You are a total disgrace to manhood. Go fuck yourself. – Solomon Odonkoh

We’ve all had those blatant scamming emails: unclaimed insurance bonds, diamond-encrusted safety deposit boxes, close friends marooned in a foreign country… Standard procedure is to delete on sight. But for a comedian with a mischievous side and a lot of time on his hands, the spam folder proved the perfect opportunity to have some fun. Dot Con is the story of what happened when James Veitch decided to play the scammers at their own game, providing a hilarious showcase of the conversations he orchestrates with online imposters.

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may, 2016

28may20:00Oxford - DOT CON TourThe Old Fire Station



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The Demos

The story so far ...

It’s 1991 and Milton Tamagotchi is a 13 year old hapless scientist. Smitten with Emily (the Girl Next Door) and frustrated by his own romantic ineptitude (she looks right through him) he dismantles his Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System and combines the innards to make a ‘super-console.’

The result is an alchemic reaction that forms the world’s first invisibility machine. Who knew!

Hijinks ensue as Milton must defeat Emily’s not-really-evil boyfriend and come to terms with the fact that all things are ephemeral; a child of the 90s must eventually discard the Pogs of his youth, grow up and, given time, buy a Playstation.

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